Who are We?

SmartSetu is a consulting firm, a part of SmartMegh Group, transforms institutions to enhance their visibility, student employability and overall ranking. SmartSetu offers a holistic measurable initiative that bridges the gap between what IT industry wants and what institutions offer, keeping in mind the aspirations of students.

What We Do?

SmartSetu engages with institutions for consulting on a long term basis and the partnership is aimed at improving their visibility and ranking. SmartSetu transforms institutions by employing a state-of-the-art DTS (Differentiation through Specialization) approach which is designed to work both at strategic and tactical levels. The DTS approach not only evaluates outcome measures like placement percentage, visibility etc. but also evaluates the progress around each of the fundamental parameter like curriculum design, faculty and student skill-set, lab infrastructure etc.

Strategic Aspects

Identify Areas of Specialization

Why Specialization

Institutions outside the Top 100 Engineering colleges or Top 20 B Schools face the challenge of
• Growing Vacant seats,
• Top IT companies not visiting their campus
• Top companies hiring sub-optimal numbers,
• Not able to attract quality students and faculty
This is on account of a drift of students, faculty and companies towards the Top tier institutions. These challenges put the institutions that are outside the Top Tier, into a negative spiral from which it is difficult to extricate unless they adopt a radically new approach. There is no way institutions can compete with the Top Tier colleges by going in for standard band aid solutions like offering generic training programs ( C++, .NET, Java or soft skills training), advertisements in TV, Radio and Print media etc. Nor can they differentiate themselves from other colleges outside the Top Tier institutions by adopting these quick fix measures as every other institution follows similar strategies! Differentiation through Specialization becomes the key in this Scenario!

Benefits of Specialization

Helps institutions carve out a niche for themselves in the chosen areas. Once the institution gains a reputation in the chosen areas of specialization, it attracts the right IT companies to the campus, which in turn triggers a positive spiral of attracting good quality students, quality faculty thus impacting the outcome measures of visibility, employability and ranking.

Identify gaps in the fundamental parameters around the Areas of Specialization

Once specialization is identified, the next task is to identify the gaps in the fundamental blocks like Curriculum design, Technology alliances, Partnerships for Products, Student and Faculty skill-set, Industry Associations and Marketing, with reference to the chosen area of Specialization, that helps in figuring out the necessary steps required to overcome these gaps.

Agreeing upon measurement indices

for measuring progress on a periodic basis around the fundamental parameters (Curriculum design, lab infra etc.) as well as on the outcome measures like Visibility, Ranking and Employability that this initiative seeks to enhance.

Tactical Aspects

  • Industry Interface

  • Skill Enhancement

  • Curriculum Design

  • Lab Infrastructure

  • Focused Marketing Activities




Venkat Aravamudan

Founder & Executive Director

Venkat is an engineering professional with over 23 years of IT experience, predominant of which in the enterprise solutions space. He has served in prestigious establishments such as HCL, Satyam and Wipro in various global customer acquisition and delivery management roles before founding SmartMegh.

Kannan Seshadri

Director- Business development (Training Division)

Kannan is a Post Graduate in Physics and holds a management degree from XLRI, Jamshedpur. A Sales Professional with over two decades of experience in sale of IT products, services and solutions in large MNCs such as Dell and HP .He has a successful track record of enabling organizations rapidly penetrate into new markets and new customer segments.